Claims Service: Domestic Maid


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Please note that in the Claim Form, the Policyholder is the Employer and the Claimant is the Maid.


The Insurance Company will process the claim subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Maid Policy. To enable the Insurance Company to process the claim expeditiously, please provide us with the following documents.

To ensure prompt processing of your claim, it is important that you submit to us a completed claim form, together with the required supporting documents. The claims department will respond to all new claims within two days and arrange for collectioin. 


Applicable supporting documents

1. Original Claim Form duly completed and signed by Employer and Maid.
2. Original Final Tax Invoice from the Hospital (showing Date of Admission and Discharge). Please note that Interim Tax Invoices or Statement of Charges are not accepted.
3. Original Medical Certificates (Sick Leave).
4. Copy of Work Permit (Front & Back).
5. Copy of Bond Schedule (Insurance Certificate).
6. Copy of Inpatient Discharge Summary.
7. Copy of Employment Contract. 


For claims enquiries, please send email to claims@insurehub.com.sg

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